The Great advantage with LED Electronic LINE Displays is that you have the facility to display text over either 1, 2 or more lines as shown in the example. This gives you enormous flexibility for creating interesting text messages on your line LED sign.  You can combine standard height text with double height text.

LED Displays are usable to display:

  • General Information (text only) – Line Display Boards
  • Safety Information / Alert Messages – Safety Display Boards
  • Production Information / Data – Production Display Boards
  • Foreign Exchange Rates – Exchange Rate Display Boards
  • Travel Schedules – Airport, Train and Bus Display Boards
  • Reception / Direction Information – Panoramic Display Boards
  • Sporting Events Information – Score Boards
  • Teller Information – Queue Management & Loading Bay Display Boards
  • Animation / Graphic Information – Video Display Boards
  • Date, Time & Temperature Display Boards

LED Colour Options are: RED, GREEN, YELLOW, or TRI-COLOUR as standard, blue or white are also available